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Arun Dhamijathe artist!

In his own words…

I am an artist whose only passion is singing.
Because every time I have tried finding something better than it (singing),
I have only come back to doing it more; more singing.

• Arun is a highly talented and versatile singer whose passion for singing has made him devote his entire life to this amazing art form.

• Hailing from the vibrant land of Punjab, Arun brings a fine experience of nearly a decade into his singing, and an in-depth knowledge of music which makes him a name to reckon with in the Indian music Industry.

• With his profound knowledge of various genres of music, such as Pop, Rock, Sufi and Folk, Arun has been successfully rendering his voice to some of the finest musical compositions in both Hindi & Punjabi.

• A great individual with a genuine passion for excelling in the art of singing, Arun feels particularly inspired by the happiness he brings to the faces of his audiences with his skill and craft.

• A talented performer with an extensive experience of interpreting a range of music, Arun uses his rich expertise in voice production to create melodies which are harmonious & soothing for the ears.

• In his entire career spanning nearly a decade, Arun has been Singing, Composing & Arranging Music successfully for live audiences in concerts and also for recording and production studios.

• Arun possesses a remarkable ability to sing pieces in a traditionally accurate way without any Orchestra and also without the aid of original track as well.

• With his boundless energy and passion for singing, Arun is capable of setting any stage on fire with his audiences completely spellbound and awe-inspired by his sidesplitting humor and charming demeanor.